Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Coach Arnold

Head coach Renee Arnold on the impact Hurricane Irene had on her team:

On Thursday afternoon when we received the news that the tournament was cancelled we starting looking at other options of playing a team elsewhere, but with the storm predictions it was better to be safe at home than on the road in a swaying bus. William and Mary was our toughest preseason tournament so we were throwing the team into the deep end and seeing how well we could swim.

Expectations are high with this team. We have had some key team members step up in the last week and I am very excited to see how that will translate to game time results. There is nothing wrong with another week of practice and preparation to ensure we are where we need to be. The team in very excited to just get on the court and play a game to see how we stack up to others. Some of the things that have happened already at practice, I feel like we have already won a match.

Game time is Friday at 2 pm v. Cornell.

Hurricane Irene - Laisha Davis

Laisha Davis, junior from Riviera Beach, Fla.:

The storm impacted us in canceling our first tournament.The storm did not do any damage to us in Dover but a little rain and strong winds. I feel we would have been unstoppable in William and Mary tournament, and it would have been nice to see us compete against other good teams. But looking forward I am beyond excited to play this weekend and getting the season started.

Hurricane Irene - Mya Williams

Mya Williams, freshman from Indianapolis, Ind.:

My first hurricane ever! I thought it was going to be like Katrina or something because people were talking about it so much. I was ready though, I imagined it being exciting to tell my friends back home.

Because of the hurricane, our tourney in VA was canceled. It was a bummer not being able to start the season on time but this weekend, I think we'll all come hungry to play.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Edarkis Branch

Edarkis Branch - freshman from Los Angeles, Calif.

This past weekend changed my life forever as I can now say that I have experienced a hurricane. Growing up in Los Angeles has never allowed me the chance to experience many natural disasters. I have seen hurricanes do quite a bit of damage on TV, but to actually be in it was mind blowing. I have to admit that I was very afraid about the storm. But once it finally arrived, it wasn't so bad at all.

I was a bit upset that we were not able to attend our tournament. Last week I was so excited to be going to my first college volleyball tournament. I tried to work so hard during practice so that I would be at my best during the tournament. I was disappointed to hear that it was canceled. But, I immediately turned my focus to the upcoming tournament this weekend. The anticipation is killing me!

Hurricane Irene - Jessica Barnes

From senior Jessica Barnes, who survived Hurricane Katrina. She was born in New Orleans, but her family moved to Georgia following Katrina.

My parents had been warning me about the hurricane since earlier in the week. I was not very scared or worried because I thought everyone was making a big deal about the hurricane. I felt as if, if I could go thru Hurricane Katrina I could go thru anything. Around Wednesday and Thursday you could tell people were actually worried about Irene and taking all necessary precautions to prepare for the storm, and I was starting to get a little scared. Irene was suppose to really affect Virginia, and that's where our tournament was suppose to be.

I was very happy once we got the text about there being no tournament because I don't believe in playing with mother nature. I would rather miss a volleyball tournament then, have a missing player, or anything bad happening.

-jessica barnes

Hurricane Irene - Bel Fakaosi

Bel Fakaosi - Junior, native of Tonga, resident of Salt Lake City, Utah:

I thought the storm would hit a lot harder but really wasn't that bad here. Was bummed that the tourney was canceled cause I really wanted to play and get some reps in. Not only for me but I thought it would've been good to play at the tourney and figure out what we need to work on as a team. I am excited for this upcoming tourney. I want to start playing and get my feeling back for setting and just playing volleyball.

Hurricane Irene - Jessica Croucher

From sophomore Jessica Croucher, a native of Australia

Friday morning we were meant to leave for our first tournament as a new team to William and Mary, which I was hyped for to see how as a team we would pull together against other teams.

To hear Thursday afternoon that the tournament was canceled I was disappointed, but understanding that our safety was at risk with the Hurricane Irene moving up the east coast. So Friday we had a short practice session where coach told us that we would have the weekend off due to campus being closed.

Overall my weekend consisted of keeping in contact with my family letting them know I was alright, and resting trying to look after all my current injuries for the up coming week of practice and next weekend when we travel to Cornell University. I am excited for next weekend when we go to Cornell University as we will finally be able to play and to see how far our hard work as a team will get us, hopefully walking away from the tournament with our heads held high and some wins under our belt.

--Jessica Croucher