Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Brooke Redmon

Here are sophomore Brooke Redmon's views on Hurricane Irene:

Hurricane Irene was a powerful and destructive hurricane. Luckily for us the Delaware State
University campus didn't receive much damage. Many precautions were taken in the event of the oncoming storm. Coastal areas around us were evacuated, many of which received a lot of damage from the storm. On Saturday the rain never seemed to end, with a lot of remaining
wind on Sunday.

The precautions taken for this storm also meant that we could not travel to William and
Mary for our first tournament. They had been evacuated. I was really looking forward to our first tournament because everything we worked for in preseason gets put to the test. Playing other schools not in the MEAC is always exciting because it keeps us on our toes more and makes the game that more challenging. Even though our first tournament was canceled I am ready for a week of good practice and another tournament this weekend.

--Brooke Redmon

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