Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Sonja Banicevic

Senior Sonja Banicevic is also from over seas (Croatia) and has probably never experienced a hurricane.

On Friday morning we were supposed to leave for our first tournament this season in Virginia. All of us were very excited because we were ready to start playing the games after the long preseason practices. Unfortunately, on Thursday night coach Renee called Elisa and said that tournament is cancelled because of hurricane Irene. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. We had just packed our bags and looked over the other team stats. We were ready to go.

So, on Friday instead of playing against another, different, team in Virginia, we had team practice. Coach told us that we have two days over the weekend (not that she wanted us to have weekend off :) ), because school was closed due to the hurricane. Actually, the weekend was long and boring without volleyball. On Saturday we could not go out of the building because wind was very strong and it was raining the whole day. We were ready for the Irene with our water, food and candles but fortunately it did not hit Dover that bad. I am glad that we had the power all the time, or otherwise I would die!:)

This weekend we are finally and hopefully going to Ithaca, NY for our first tournament. It is really time to start playing and I am excited to see how we will do. This is the first time we will be playing as a new team at the tournament. Our games are on Friday at 2pm and 5 pm. On Saturday the game will be at 10 am. Follow us!

--Sonja Banicevic

Note: You can follow live stats at the Cornell Invitational here.

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